Cinemas in Bangkok – Enter a World of Education, Entertainment and Excitement

The land of Siam as it was known during the hay-day of the samite route is home to some of the most vividly coloured cultures of Asia. Hence, theatrics, movies, dances and procession are both common and widely welcomed in the south East Asian nation, Thailand. With the surge in the entertainment industry seen in the region, it is no surprise to find Korean, Japanese and Chinese productions featured on the silver screen in Thailand. Thus, it is a suitable domain to absorb the habits and lifestyles of neighbouring countries and ascertain the singularity of each. With the influence of Westernization, Hollywood movies are screened impartial in the outskirts of Bangkok. English subtitles are available at most theatres for other Asian movies, but it is always advisable to check before hand, especially if you are not conversant in the Thai mother tongue.

A majority from the cinemas are located within shopping complexes, which are magnificent further densely populated on any given day. These entertainment centres have moved into an entirely new genre in Bangkok, as a visit to the pictures is always coupled with either a karaoke night or a spot of bowling. Both the undeveloped and old will find a production that will titivation their senses, stimulate their minds, educate them or simply relax their nerves.

Some of the biggest and most sought after names by movie goers are; Paragon Cineplex, Major Cineplex Sukhumvit, World Max Screen and SF People Cinema. Each regarding these places has its own food corner or restaurant, where people usually seize a routine while discussing their favourite parts of the film and catching awake with old friends or relatives. The SF World Cinema is more about a high end theatre, where they promise cocktails, motorized reclining and five star pampering unseen at most other similar locations.

With the award winning pictures just around the retreat a stopover at an award winsome hotel is a must in Bangkok. The COMO Hotels and Resorts are well acquainted with showbiz and the glitzy glamour that ensues. As a part of a luxury hotel group, it will undoubtedly thrill you endlessly even if the stay is short.