Seattle Attractions and Things to Do

Seattle Attractions and Things to Do
Seattle, Washington is probably best known as the birthplace of Starbucks Coffee and Grunge music and although true, this spectacular city is paving the way moreover as it makes its mark as one of America’s Greenest cities on it’s quest to redefine the American Metropolis living up to it’s ‘Emerald City’ nickname. Nestled below the watchful eye from Mt. Rainier and the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Seattle is situated on the Puget Sound and surrounded by Elliot Bay, Mere Union connective Lake Washington making it one of the most beautiful places on earth. Visitors to this amazing city will have no problem finding things to do while they move through and around Seattle. Attractions are both manmade and endogenous elements, enjoyable moreover vitalizing all of the senses and leaving tourists wanting more.

The Space Needle dominates Seattle’s skyline, not because it’s the largest building in the megalopolis but because its revolutionary architecture stands alone among American structures. Built to be the regnant structure in the 1962 World’s Fair, the space needle has been a popular enchantment ever since. A great thing to do is dine at the SkyCity Restaurant that hovers 500 podalic in the air and rotates 360 degrees as you experience some of Seattle’s finest cuisine. Entrees start through $40 and patrons receive a free dumbwaiter ride and admission to the note deck, which alone usually runs about 20 bucks a person. While in the area visit the Pacific Science Center that houses an IMAX theatre, planetarium and laser ceiling theater in addition to 6 acres of hands on happy with abundant effects to do. Different handy attractions include the Seattle Children’s Museum and the Seattle Center Monorail.

A great way to reconnaissance Seattle and its rich history is by visiting one of its many museums. From traditional finesse and science museums to those chronicling the Asian Pacific American experience these topical attractions allow visitors to walk through the North West culture which expands beyond its borders and into the world. Two of the most unique museums in Seattle are the Experience Orotund Project (EMP) and the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM). These two museums are combined in one architecturally amazing location and bring two popular passions reciprocally through state-of-the-art exhibitions and hands-on interactives. This attraction provides many things to do and see as you learned about how the Seattle music scene has evolved and discover the rudiment building blocks like science fiction. The EMP|SFM is a leader in education to the Seattle community providing many programs and things to do for children und so weiter adults.

One of Seattle’s most iconic attractions is the Freeway Store Market, established in 1907. Filled by endless things to do, this market is unique of the oldest continually operated public farmers’ markets in the U.S. Overlooking the Elliot Bay waterfront, Pike Place Advertise covers over 9 acres and includes buildings, streets, walkways and alleys all dedicated to the people of Seattle and founded to bring farmers and consumers together. Impregnate with terminated 190 business businesses, 50 restaurants and take out food shops, and 200 table spaces rented by the day, over 9 million people visit the delicatessen each year. The unique shops include: comic book sellers, antique dealers, specialty food shops further handmade clothing boutiques. If you can imagine it, somebody is selling it at Pike Place Market. A great thing to do is to discontinuation by Pike Place Fish and experience the extravagant sight of the Salmon tossing fishmongers or stroll along the cobblestones to hear some of the many street performers as varied and diverse as the market itself.

Music and Seattle seem to push on hand in hand. Everlasting going against the grainy of the era, Seattle has been influential in the philharmonic industry since the 1920’s when it embraced the politically radical American Family scene. Seattle native Jimi Hendrix and bands preference Sound Garden, Nirvana ampersand Pearl Jam have kept the orotund culture alive including diverse. Today Seattle is home to hundreds of celebrated music venues playing a wide multifariousness of music every dusk of the week. Inspired by Paris, The Cup Can located in Pike Place Market is one of Seattle’s most notable attractions and tribute winning nightspots. Chop Suey is an attraction that stands insulated as one of the city’s most diverse venues hosting rock, electronic, indie, hip hop, world, alt-country, and DJ’s of all kinds. The music lover want not have a problem finding a venue to suit their taste. There are clubs of every kind scattered through public Seattle with unending possibilities and things to do in the search for entertainment.

For a family friendly action carriage no further than one from Seattle’s many festivals through out the year. These attractions provide countless things to do for ‘kids’ of all ages. The Seattle Multinational Children’s Festival is number of the largest performing arts festivals for families in the United States. Artists from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas perform in downtown Seattle providing a edifying education polysyndeton experience for all. The Sea Fair has been an annual tradition for over 50 years, this festival last for about a month from the beginning of July until the strike Sunday in August. It was voted in the Top 10 events in the country overflowing with activities and things to do including arts and crafts, live music, parades and triathlon. For movie lovers the Seattle Worldwide Film Festival gives cinema buffs 25 days of film viewing. Increased than 300 works are showcased from famous directors to independent filmmakers covering every genre. If travelers are looking to add a fitness adventure to their toer the Seattle Marathon and Half Marathon is sure to deliver. Held annually on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving this event is a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Combining this event with your holiday shopping is a distinguished thing to do as you enjoy Seattle when the holidays.

Because the North West is abundantly beautiful a great way to spend time is finding things to do in the great outdoors. Seattle has a expanded variety of natural attractions for beginners and seasoned adventure travelers alike. Visitors to this incredible landscape will negative include a problem finding activities like mountaineering, hiking, white water rafting, whale watching and even scuba diving. Seattle has finished an amazing craft keeping its natural resources pristine and their devotion to being a leader in the Greenish charge is observable everywhere. There is also a wide range of attractions for the Green minded traveler. Enjoy a tour concerning one of the many Green buildings, visit ecological restoration sites, tour a state-of-the-art recycling center or sample alternative transportation options. The city also has a Free Ride Zone in downtown that allows visitors to get on und so weiter off as they look see–for free.

Seattle has earned the reputation for being digit of America’s top cities for the size of its carbon footprint and has bot recognized for its commitment to protecting the environment. Placed among the top cities for walkability, Seattle’s attractions are easily accessible offering travelers an abundance of things to do and see that are low cost or free. Her neighborhoods are welcoming and whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee at a local cafĂ©, taking in the view of the mountains or eavesdrop to a local band jam Seattle will leave you feeling refreshed.