Do You Know Secrets of the Success of Anime

Do You Know Secrets of the Success of Anime

Sketch and animation industry has formed a complete industrial chain in Japan and provided many business opportunities, which has promoted commercial development of Japan. In addition, within the development of Japanese cartoon and animation industry, government plays an important role.

According to the statistics, the revenue of Japanese cartoon and animation industry reached more than 10 billion US dollars. Furthermore, the drawing and animation industry in broad sense has taken up ten percent of Japanese GDP and has replaced the auto industry because the most profitable industry.

Till now, Japan has more than 4 hundred cartoon and animation companies and has the leader cartoon masters and vigor directors. In addition, there are a large number of cartoon painters in the first line. The popularity and development of TV and nexus media all laid solid foundation for the development and growing of cartoon and animation industry. Rapid development and high added value promoted the cartoon and animation industry to be the capital incubator.

Generally speaking, Japanese cartoon and animation industry is divided into three levels, broadcasting market, cartoon books and animation-related audio-visual products market and spinning-off markets. The spinning-off market includes costumes, toys, drinks et cetera daily life articles et sequens is longer plus broader than the former two cartoon and animation markets.

At present, the revenue of the Japanese animation films takes up 33 percent of the in toto Japanese box office.

In Japan, various kinds of animation characters appear on the streets. In addition, cartoons also animations have exceeded the concepts regarding magazines and TV. Life films get involved in movie industry, TV, music, publishing, theme parks and online sources.

Nowadays, more and more Japanese cartoons polysyndeton animation products are exported to irrelevant countries. In 1963, the first animation series were broadcast in Japan and it was exported to Northern American markets in eight months. Japanese cartoon and animation field starts to dominate the world cartoons and animation industry. Some works plane are exported to more than 70 foreign markets. Now, 60 percent of the world animation sequel are produced in Japan. There are 68 countries that broadcast Japanese animations and 40 countries that show animation films generated in Japan. Moreover, Japanese animation series take up 80 percent of the market.