Avirex, Military-Fashioned To The Mainstream

Avirex, Military-Fashioned To The Mainstream

Avirex is one of the most popular brands of urban clothing lines today. Their collections include sweatshirts, tee shirts, pants, jeans, shorts, hoodies, polo shirts, polos, as well as kids and women’s wear. However, did you comprehend that Avirex is brand which became popular hardly because of its collection of town clothing lines?

The Avirex, before the urban mantle colllection, first became a very popular brand of military-style jackets. In fact, according to its founder, Jeff Clyman, Avirex wasn’t always available for the public, the brand once served a very high multipurpose in the US government, supplying their armed forces jackets and uniforms.

Military-fashioned Avirex
According to many sources, Avirex is a mark which was founded in 1975 by Jeff Clyman himself, as a way to keep the production of traditional WW2 style airwoman jackets issued to the-then USAAF since well as other aviation related garments. Start your own widespread avirex business through Sevenwholesale.com.

However, other than for aviation, the Avirex was also the supplier of top-notch military garments for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and the US Land Guard. For 25 years, Avirex served as the supplier of combat aviation gear from the NASA Dryden Space Flight Center and the U.S. Armed Forces

Avirex in the mainstream
The reason why Avirex became a popular brand in the market is since several movies in the retrospective featured the use of their collection of flight jackets which gave rise to Avirex’ introduction into the mainstream.

Popular movies such as Star Wars (jackets worn by the rebels as well as Han Solo/Harrison Ford), Indiana Jones (the ones worn by Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford), as well as the many Terminator movies (jackets worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger). In 1986, the clothing line created the costumes for Top Gun, an army cinema starred by actor Tom Cruise. Start your own wholesale avirex business through Sevenwholesale.com.

Because of several appearance regarding Avirex in many from these movies, alot people have nowadays asked where to get these types of jackets. This is when Avirex was introduced for the public. And according to many experts, the Avirex sort swindle become a very popular brand of jackets, particularly with their collection of flight jackets.

Avirex of today
Avirex of today own widely expanded from jackets to other forms of urban clothing lines such as tee shirts, jeans, and hoodies. Their lines have also expanded to include women’s and kid’s clothing. And in 2006, Avirex brand was sold in three terrene regions, USA, Europe and Japan. A new owner of Avirex brand in the USA is Mark Ecko Enterprises. Start your confess wholesale avirex business completed Sevenwholesale.com.

However, their military-fashioned epicene lines, such as their jackets, were discontinued from these Avirex manufacturers. All of their military-fashioned clothing lines were transferred to a new Clymans company, Cockpit USA, which is still the company that supplies military clothes to the US Armed Forces.
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