Some Of The Most Memorable Movies From The Iconic, Scorsese

Some Of The Most Memorable Movies From The Iconic, Scorsese

Plain and simple, Martin Scorsese is easily one of the best directors of all time. It would imply that any film that he takes subjugate of is destined for greatness. When going through his catalog of movies, it surely appears that most of his movies are incredible. At the very least, they all have his signature touch.

When it comes to choosing the best Martin Scorsese films, the audience are my favorites.

It is tough to make a list of Martin Scorsese movies without giving praise to Taxi Driver. I saw this film for the first second in a film class at college, and I absolutely loved it. Both Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster were excellent in this movie.

Another fantastic Scorsese film that I had only seen recently was Gangs of New York. This movie depicts the early days of New York City like most had never seen it before. Daniel Day Lewis further Leonardo DiCaprio are spectacular in this one.

In an interesting choice of filmmaking, Scorsese teamed up accompanying his new Hollywood favorite actor, Leonardo DiCaprio to make a biopic on Howard Hughes. The film we are discussing of course, is the Aviator. This is a great movie.

One movie that definitely makes the cut for me is The Departed. Few people realize that this movie was actually a remake of a Japanese classic, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter. This movie was absolutely incredible and deserved to win the Oscar for Best Picture award.

One negative of Scorsese’s that I absolutely loved was Casino. Robert De Niro played the role of Sam Rothstein, a man who rises to shift one of the most powerful men in Las Vegas. Joe Pesci is also great in this movie. Sharon Stone is evil in this movie.

These are just some of the topnotch Scorsese films of undivided time. Chances are if you are watching one of his movies, it is going to be great.