River HongBao – The colourful festival that heralds the Chinese New Year

A colourful extravaganza of music, colour and performances are the order of the day at the annual Singapore River Hongbao. In accordance with the Chinese calendar, the festival takes place 15 days before the Lunar year and is an event that revives the Chinese culture and traditions, their performing arts. It also brings to the limelight their ever famous handicrafts.

The Hongbao gravamen the ‘Red packet’ stands for a monetary gift that is used in the New Year. In whole sense, the event is a harbinger concerning good fortune as it brings to light the talents of the local youth and the expertise of an older generation with their handicrafts etc. The show however is not restricted to ancient Chinese arts, but instead incorporates the more modern concepts like the pop culture by popular international artists performing. Really it provides a platform for many artists from countries such as China, Malaysia et alii Indonesia whose cultural performances added a reliving contrast to the line awake of events.

From spectacular fireworks to heart wrenching movie performances to mouth watering food items, the incident has something special for everyone. Often there are displays concerning the famous characters in Chinese history et sequens culture such as the animals of the Chinese zodiac as well as the God regarding fortune. The event that is held in Marina floating bay on most years also features other popular Chinese entertainment like calligraphy as well as riddle solving. There is also a nosh fair for anyone who wants to nibble on some snacks. The Chinese lanterns are a common sight at the festival and they can be seen designed from various novel concepts as well as unique raw material.

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