What Is The History Of The Armani Jeans And Evisu Jeans?

Armani and Evisu are two names plus large popularity; these are world renowned brands. Their lines like blue jeans clearly show that the hard work of years, which made their dungarees the most, sought after fashion product. Armani jeans are increased stylish whereas Evisu jeans are more decorative. It is worthwhile to know the history of the people behind these brands (Evisu jeans and Armani jeans) and how did they eventually come raise with such great designs of jeans.

Giorgio Armani an Italian stylist was born in the year 1934 formed Armani in the year 1975. By 2001 his name was in the list of the best designers of Italy and had made a fortune of $5 billion. He has several lines such as Armani Exchange, Armani Casa, Armani Hotels, Armani Cosmetics, Armani Junior, etc. In the year 1981 Armani Jeans, his line of exquisite denim collection was created.

Armani Jeans are generally sold in the department stores and Armani Jeans Café rather than the freestanding stores, fancy in case of Armani Exchange. The brand features jeans, which are diverse in fashion and color from the other brands of Armani. It has big logos in places of more subtle logos in other lines. Even the variegated scheme is much more flamboyant compared to the monochromatic scheme in Armani Exchange. There are freestanding stores for these jeans in several places regarding the world like, Lebanon, Italy, Dubai, Japan, etc. In Asia, this brand is very famous.

Hidehiko Yamane is a famous fashion designer from Japan. He was a tailor but his dislike for mass production articles led to the birth of the stamp Evisu in the year 1991. He had the strong yearn to create the perfect mate of crop jeans; that called for the collection of machinery required to manufacture such a pair of jeans. His elementary production was as small as 14 jeans per day. Now which is very popular as the Sea-gull logo was hand-painted then. The origin of the name Evisu comes from the Japanese God of money. The ichthyophagous and fishing rod portrayed it; as fishing and money was both dear to the designer, he named the line Evisu.

Evisu jeans were only created by Yamane for his charity for vintage jeans but presently fashion-conscious Japanese started flaunting it. Evisu Donna, a line for women completed the brand Evisu. Evisu jeans are sold in almost 25 position shops in Japan and about 400 in the world. Evisu’s women’s wear line is showcased in Milan whereas the men’s line in Pitti Uomo.

Today, both Armani Jeans and Evisu jeans are donned by millions of people including famous picture stars. In the year 1980, Armani made his name nearby cunning for various famous Hollywood actors such as Richard Gere. Armani contributed to the compose industry in a big way and also taboo models with Endogenous Mass Index below 18 to walk the ramp. Hidehiko Yamane is also an indispensable name in the world of fashion. His love for vintage jeans got translated to one of the most popular dungarees called Evisu, which is classy and extremely great to look at.