Leather Bomber Jackets

Cockpit USA has been the supplier of battalion and civilian apparel since 1975 and have continued to preserve our American heritage equal well as lifestyle by taking pride in implementing attention to detail into the creation of their leather bomber jackets reminiscing the classic styles about the 40’s, 50’s and 60s. Their apparel takes you back to a time when quality and craftsmanship were important. A spell whereas clothing was designed to fit, utilizing only the finest oxhide for style as well as superior craftsmanship for durability. They focus on recreating key military classics, rich in authenticity.

Following are rightfulness a view of Cockpit USA’s leather bomber jackets best sellers.

G1 with patches:

The G1 jacket is the ultimate collector’s Navy leather bomber jacket constructed from exclusively prepared goatskin with a genuine, mouton shearling collar. The G1 jacket includes the M-422A gown label just like its pre WWII brother and it has been treated by hand to simulate numerous years of intense flying combat wear. It features classical rack sewn single work wool and nylon knit waistband besides cuffs, top and side entry pockets in the front, unmitigated zipper front beyond wind flap, grommets at the under arms which ventilate, an inside chest pocket and, best of all, authentically aged embroidered vintage squadron patches. Truly a. beautifully crafted composition of art.

A2 Flying Tigers Jacket:

These leather aviator jackets have been authentically recreated and are made with 100% American horsehide leather. This jacket is covered with several strategically place Flying Tiger Air force insignias as well as China, Burma, India patches. It plane has an officer I.D. ruff attached to the lining.

G1 Top Gun Jacket:

This G1 leather bomber jacket has been the principal, natural leather, flight jacket for Navy pilots going all the way back to the 1920’s. Yet Marine aviators that acquired their instruction under the Navy’s direction also wore G1 leather bomber jackets. This GI leather bomber jacket is the one that was worn in the cine “Top Gun” by Tom Cruise.

Original B3 bomber Jacket:

The B3 leather bomber jackets for men were the jacket of choice of bomber crews for the duration of WWll. The B3 jacket was presented enveloping 1934 and was made specifically for open cabin use while well qua high altitude flying. Using superior crafted American Shearling, their B3 leather jackets insert leather welted seaming, a sturdy front zipper over a protective wind flap, authentic, custom built metal buckles, side adjustment pockets for hand warming. This jacket was originally added to the Cockpit USA line in 1978.

Vietnam G1 Flight Jacket:

This is a spectacular, hand treated retro Naval Aviator’s flight jacket and is one of the most popular of all Cockpit USA’s leather jackets. It was originally stylized by an actual USS Forrestal Navy fighter pilot. It includes unique, manuductive painted goatskin appliqué letters that select the carrier’s fleet # CVA-59, a hand blocked draft of the genuine navicular on the jacket’s back as well being the famous Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club patch. Seeing is believing with this fantastic leather flight jacket.

Leather bomber jackets are as old qua aviation itself. No former jackets evoke the history that these jackets do. These hoary garments are the prized possessions of all of our veterans that wore them and modern replicas have become fashion statements today.