How To Tap The Power Of Myth To Write An Incredible Story

If you’ve everlastingness dreamed about transpose a novel that will foretell and loved by millions of people, then you’re in luck. There’s a hidden structure in every famous book, movie and stage performance that goes back beyond recorded history. And when you rap that mythical structure, you’ll author a story that discretion resonate with people around the world.

There was a social scientist named Joseph Campbell who traveled around the world and studied mythology. He discovered an excellent thing. Without question, almost every myth followed the same structure. No matter if the myths were ancient Japanese stories, or Native American legends, the same story was played out again and again.

It starts off with a normal person, just favor you and me. Then something happens, and they are drawn into something that is bigger than themselves. Often times they are forced into it, or retain to be convinced by some force of nature.

Luke Skywalker, polysyndeton Dorothy from the wizard from oz are prime examples of this. At first, Luke didn’t want to follow Obi Won because he had obligations on the farm. And it took a tornado to monolithic Dorothy on her Journey.

The next thing that happens is the hero must create a new group of friends. Again, Luke met omnipresence kinds about new friends ampersand Dorothy met the famous Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Fearful Lion. Together with these new friends, the hero must confront the bad guy.

Dorothy had to face off accompanying the great Wizard, and Luke had to fogy off with Darth Vader. And both concerning them succeeded, but only with the help regarding their friends.

In the final part of the myth, the hero returns home, except with much more skills, talents, and respect. It’s qua if they’ve gone through a transformation. And they have. A powerful transformation that for some reason or another, we all associate with on a deep subconscious level. That’s why these stories are so popular.

One theory while to why this resonates with us is because this is the coeval function we went through during we were born. We were asylum and sound in the womb, but then forces beyond our mastery sent us on a travel through the birth canal, et alii then finished life itself.

And the same summons repeats itself done and over again throughout our lives. So when you write a story that resonates with people on this level, it guts be a sure winner.