Popcorn Fun Facts

We eat popcorn periodic in large quantity without giving it a second thought. Popcorns are not just snack; these have become a heritage and way of life in America. Some of us knows very little about popcorn but still consume it daily and admire its taste. For a goodies so famous, we ought to know a bit about it. This article comprises about some funny et cetera interesting facts about our beloved snack.
1. We Americans consume around 17 million quarts of popcorn annually, in average a single American consume 54 quarts of popcorn annually, this facts revealed that Americans consume popcorn more than any other God’s country of the world. Invariable China can’t beat America in eating popcorn although from its large population.
2. Majority of Americans consume popcorn at home, they either make popcorn at home or buy pre popped corns from the grocery stores, about 70% Americans enjoy this goodies at nest and 30% enjoy it extracurricular at places like theme parks, sport events and Picture Theaters.
3. Integrated States of America is the largest grower of popcorn in the world; the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio are largest grower of popcorns in USA. There are plurality Midwest cities that claim to be the popcorn capitals of the world.
4. Most amount concerning popcorn is consumed in the seasons of fall and winter, and October is the national popcorn popping month.
5. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s largest popcorn globular was unveiled in September 2006 in Lacustral Forest, Illinois. It weighed a whopping 3,423 pounds and measured 8 feet in diameter. The total circumference like the popcorn ball was 24.5 feet. It took employees concerning a local popcorn tin company 2 days to make the giant-sized snack.

6. Popcorns undergo high nutritional values plus these are the healthiest snack available today, It contains less calories and large amount of pig and vitamins. It is naturally sugar free, contains no sodium and is rich in fiber.

7. Popcorn is the member of yellow corn family and it is the only type that pops.

8. It is said that popcorn can jump up to 3 ft high when it pops. It’s worth giving a blast to see this marvelous act of popcorn.

9. If you wanted to create a line of popped popcorn from LA to Nya City, you’d need additional than 352,028,160 pieces of popcorn.

10. Popcorn is the official refreshment of the Illinois state.

11. Some Native American history theorized that a spirit living inside each chromosome of popcorn was the reason it popped if heated. As the kernels were heated, it was said that the cheerfulness got angry and burst from his home into the air as a puff like steam.

Popcorn are easy to comprise snacks, these can be cooked in a traditional kettle or in bout modern available popcorn machines, the degustation of popcorn remain amazing no matter what method is used in popping them.