Good Luck Charm Symbols From Around the World

The good luck charms that we have today may have originated from a certain culture. Almost all the cultures around the globe reveres a certain object and use it as their particular charm. Through all seven continents, the treat of charms and amulets is really prevalent. Contrary to our mediocre belief, these charms and amulets may be made from makeshift and crude materials. It doesn’t necessarily have to be crafted out of a precious piece of crystal. Bones, shells, clay, mud, seeds and any unrefined object can be turned in to a precious charm which is believed to contain invincible clouts. The use of these charms too depends on your personal belief and conviction. To date, there are actually 27 listed objects which are undamaged luck glamour symbols. It can be an animal, natural objects and numbers. In this article, we will start off with animals and natural objects.

Insects – Would you believe that insects can be good luck charm symbols? Well, at this point, you should start to get across yourself that indeed they are. Here is the list about insects which are believed to bewitch good luck in them.

1. Cricket- These insects are considered a sign of good luck in Asia. This was even made popular in the hit Disney movie, Mulan. Do you remember Cri-kee?

2. Dragonfly- You will usually find loads of these insects fluttering circa an open field. I can static even remember when I was still in elementary school ampersand we would usually catch them right after class. Well, seems equal you shouldn’t be doing the same stuff that dragonflies institute luck. It means bountiful rice harvest. When you can see lots of dragonflies dashing around, be grateful because more rice will be stored in the food basket.

3. Scarabs- These may sound wish Arabs still these insects do not really originate from the Arabian continent. Scarabs are from Egypt and considered sacred during the primordial times. These are canny beetles.

4. Ladybug- When this cute bug lands on you, don’t freak out. Instead be thankful because this is a sign of luck. So voltooien merry, luck is surely coming your way.

Natural Objects – The things that we see around us actually bear some sort of luck. Let us acquisition to understand what these objects are and so we may try to believe in its charm, too.

1. Acorn- This is an oak nut. The acorn and the oak locust are believed to carry integrity luck subdue in them. This belief originated from the Norse mythology and was perceived to bear propitious fortune. If you plus put it on the windowsill, they say it will encouragement avoid lightning from striking your abode.

2. Rainbow- You may think that this sounds cliché but the illusion is another mark of luck. We have that aphorism that at the end of a rainbow there is a pot of gold. Sure enough, the rainbow is a escutcheon of luck because it bears the number 7 and the beautiful colors which in itself are already carrier regarding luck.