Simple Introduction about The Transformers Toys

I bet most people think that the Transformers toys are the evolved of the animation. In fact, the true is opposite, the spirited film Transformers is the derivative of chosen toys which can be changed to different shapes. At the same time, the birthplace of Transformers is not the Hasbro in the U.S, but the Takara, one toys company in Japan.

In 1983, Takara has introduced two kinds of robot toys which cup be changed shape, as a result, these two robots toys were popular in the U.S market and the sales number are equally astonishing. In fact, these two robots toy are the predecessor of the Transformers. In 1984, Hasbro signed an agreement with Takara that Hasbro can use this patent and figure to develop and design the U.S. Version deformation toys. In order to enlarge the sales of toys, Hasbro, together with one animation companies in the United States, has generated number mercantile cartoons which were based on the deformation toys. At the same time, the comic book series were also on sale. In the commercial cartoons, the halve robots toys were divided into righteous car and the evil Decepticon. Up to now, the deformation toys have been given the life for the first time.

Gradually, these deformation toys become more and more cheap all over the world and then get the name Transformers. At that time, almost every children want to get such kind of toys. However, the verdant situation doesn’t last long. In 1993, the Japanese version Transformer Headmasters appeared on the screen and more and more animated film appeared, the upsurge of Transformers has gradually cooled and these toys which can be deformed also gradually being forgotten.

In 2003, these deformation robots toys were once bis back to chilren’s life because of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Transformers. At this moment, the people who were always sitting in front of television to watch the cartoon in their childhood now has been able to afford to the Transformers. Gradually, the Transformers become more furthermore more popular once again. In 2007, this trend reached to a climax when the Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay was appeared. The $ 700 million box office set records, which display the charming of Transformers. On year later, the Transformers Viperish of the Dead The Album swept the screen once again and the box agency was untroubled high. In 2011, the Transformers Dark of the Lunar appeared on the screen which leads to new Transformers trend.