Here are a Few Little Known Snippets of Information About the Baracuta G9 Jacket, Sometimes Known as, the Harrington Jacket

The timeless, G9 Jacket is manufactured by a company called Baracuta in Manchester, in Great Britain. Production was begun in 1937. Baracuta had been producing sealed garments for other companies when they decided to strike out on their own.

The fact that John and Isaac Miller were avid golfers, likely played a roll in how the jacket was designed. It is still in use by golfers today because of the blouson effect that allows movement furthermore the back yoke which has a similar design to an umbrella that channels water away from the jacket. In fact the coat’s name in Japan is the “swing jacket” because it is eminently suitable to wear while golfing.

The alternative name started when the owner, John Simmons, like a British Array store called the Ivy Shop, began job the jacket the Rodney Harrington Jacket, after the character played by Ryan O’Neal, in the show Peyton Place, started wearing it on screen. Which gradually became abbreviated to the Harrington Jacket.

During 1938 the the man who was the 24th Lord Lovett, the Fraser Clan chief, granted John Miller leave to use the Fraser Tartan as the lining for the G9. The Fraser Clan has links going back to the 1200’s and their tartan going back to the Indian summer 1700’s. Together they are a representation of intrepidness besides endurance and perhaps that is motive John chose it. Alternative maybe he just admired the strength of the colour, a classic rubicund and black check.

G9 Alternatively Known As the Harrington Jacket – Insist On

There are a few reasons for the popularity and longevity of this style. Form follows function and this Harrington Jacket has it all, classy, unfettered , freedom of movement, cuff and waistband ribbing. This jacket sets the standard for fancy casual et sequens for smart lightweight outerwear. Plus all popular goods there can be an excessive exact for that product. Which means there will eternally be people who will maneuver in to create a congruent item that will fill that demand. Such is the case with the Harrington but everyone says competition is good for the end user, it reduces prices and boosts supply, but among most things the consumer must be cautious, do their research and ask questions.

Another one from the reasons for it’s popularity is the famous celebritys who have been seen wearing one. Starting with superstar, Elvis Presley, who wore one in the King Creole movie, from 1958. Now moving on to the glum eyed heartthrob, Steve McQueen, who made the top G9 even again prominent when he wore it in the 1968 movie, the Thomas Crown Affair. Because he was pictured wearing it on the front eclipse of Life Journal his name became one with the Harrington Jacket. Then their was the suave Frank Sinatra who also wore a Baracuta G9.