Gulf Air : The Paramount Choice Of The Luxury Travellers!

The airline provides scheduled domestic and international services to 41 destinations in 30 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe. The major destinations of this airline include London, Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai, Delhi, Karachi and Mumbai. Its main footing is Bahrain international airport and is headquartered in Muharruq. Bit usually providing third party lounges at destinations, Gulf Air’s admit Falcon Gold lounge could be found at the airports of Bahrain, Dubai and London.

It is the first-rate facilities and services offered in the airline that makes it a unique and outstanding one. For a achieve connectivity in the UAE deel and to experience and rejoice the splendid beauty of the UAE, Gulf Air is the paramount choice. The UAE is a federation of seven emirates, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain. It is undeniably one of the best vacation spots of the world that includes sun, sea, adventurous sports, unbeatable shopping Malls, first class restaurants and wonderful ambience. This is the right time to visit the most breathtaking places of your life with an airline that carries you upon supreme comfort.

Keep Soaring to Novel Heights with Gulf Air!

One of the most distinguishing services offered in this airline is the sky nanny service which offers special benefits to children under 12. It is very reassuring to know that a sky nanny courage be keeping a watchful eye on your child when you doze off or just want to get enrapt in a book or a movie. The passengers have a magnitudinous variation concerning choice in the meals that are available. Baby meal, bland meal, diabetic meal, child tiffin are few of the wide gamut that of choices that is offered to you. The airline also facilitates assistance for elderly passengers who might need special attention during boarding, on arrival and inside the flight.

The sky chef is a great facility provided in the flight where the chef in-flight prepares the most flavorful food for the passengers. The fleet includes Airbus 330-200, Airbus 321 ER, Airbus 320-200, Airbus 320 ER. The seats are incredibly comfortable for a luxurious journey. The sleeper seat service is available for long haul flights between Bahrain, Bangkok, Frankfurt, London and Paris.

Gulf Life is a monthly magazine of this airline also it is read by 600,000 customers every month. The matchless services and outstanding facilities offered, makes the voyage a truly exceptional and memorable one. Booking tickets in this airline is effortless as the passengers are provided with the online ticketing economy which is a windfall for everybody making the last flash reservation. Fly to the most astonishing sights of the worldwide with luxury at a low cost. Bon Voyage with Gulf Air!