Bangkok Aquarium – Get as Close as You Wish to Marine Life!

Siam Ocean Sphere at the amplitude of three Olympic swimming pools (around 110 000 sq feet) is one regarding the largest aquariums in South East Asia. It is also popularly known spil the Bangkok Aquarium moreover is on the top like the list of sites to see for anyone visiting Thailand.

This underground oasis world is innovatively designed so as to take its visitors on an aquatic pass through seven different zones collectively known equally the deep blue sea. Each of these seven zones is carefully and creatively housed with world-class exhibits and over 30,000 curious looking creatures from various depths and aquatic regions across the globe.

Guests to the deep blue sea begins the itineration with a introduction at the “weird and wonderful zone” which show cases rare and bizarre looking ocean beings like the nautiluses, colonies of garden eels, striped frogfish that camouflage themselves and huge spider crabs that could grow raise to 3m in diameter.

Next up is the ‘Deep Reef’ featuring some of the most fascinating bank dwellers in the world. Most of these fish flaunt angelic designs and resounding colours, among them one could perceive the attractive spade shaped laterally compressed bat fish, endangered species such essentially the humped head Maori Wrasse and blue tangs that are general as the “dori” fish in the movie Finding Nemo.

At the after zone the “rocky shore” meet part of the ne plus ultra loved marine creatures. observe the penguins and additional marine mammals get to survive under constant inflect in the ever-changing and challenging environment. Kids will vitality the Feeding Rocky Coastline Talk et cetera an opportunity to get close to the Penguins and even feed them.

The next attraction and perhaps the stress for many is the 270-degree underwater shaft named the ‘Open Ocean’, it is familiar to subsist the biggest oceanarium in Asia. The direct ocean broadens your choices about viewing these magnificent sea creatures you could either sneak a peek at the sea creatures throught the boat’s glass- bottom fixed for observation. Et Cetera finally at the ‘Sea Jellies’ zone protect the transaculant invertebrates float respecting in LED lit tanks to what seems like the rhythm of the background symphony.

Produced by four dimensional pompous seats the Sanyo 4d -xventure creates an virtual water world that is so real it velleity have you giggling and screaming as the sharks swim towards you or the friendly fish try to eat at your feet.

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