The MMO Age of Wushu come to consoles

Snail Games has announced that it is planning to expand Age of Wushu a MMOcentrado in belligerent arts, making it a franchise to coast to consoles and and with his own movie, but has not given many details.The Chinese developer has not specified a heave consoles, although both mobile devices choose consoles are in the spotlight. Nor has made statements about any actors for the film they have in mind.

As the MMO Age of Wushu has a style of play based on the martial arts, the president moreover founder of Escargot Games, Shi Hai, said “take it to the big screen is the logical evolution”. He added: “Our aim has always bot to reach as many audiences as a film developing and expanding the game experience for consoles and mobile devices continues our plan.”

Age of Wushu is a PC MMO set in the Ming Realm and centered on the Kung Fu and its schools. The player has to work in the martial arts and the use of weapons to inflate the attributes of the characters, in guide to access diverse schools and different improvements to obtain each.

Square Enix has published meticulous and who will be key allies in the MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that will soon to PS3, PS4 and PC. In total, the editor presents ten of these characters that will attend us throughout the adventure.

The game will come to the current console Sony and computers on August 27 this year and will be one of the titles that will accompany the release of the newly PlayStation 4 later this year. Recently, the Japanese company announced that any Microsoft consoles (Xbox 360 and Xbox One) will receive the game as Microsoft policies do not support the contras crossover game platforms.

Then we leave amidst the data shown on allies of Final Fantasy XIV A Real Reborn:Minfilia: A woman whose loving downy look and volte-face hides a steely determination. In the chaos that reigns in Calamity, Minfilia is to find a hero to help restore peace.

Thancred: A Dreamcatcher singer who has been seen on numerous occasions wandering the jungles of Thanalan. Never misses an opportunity to try to woo a lady with his verses and flattery. The facade full of vanity hides many secrets. It has a great skill with the dagger.Yda: A young woman always accompanied by and large Papalymo pugilist skills. Although it has an air of carefree and it becomes sometimes very impertinent always ready to protect their comrades.

Papalymo: This is a cynical young caster with childish features and with a totally different character from Yda, his traveling companion.Y’shtola: Bella and enigmatic, it is often seen wandering the distant lands of the Noscea. His mastery of the arcane and ancient languages ​​make it mire more than just travel.

Louisoix: Wise exlíder Sagacity Circle, an association of people from an island north of Sharlayan, trying to avoid the arrival of the Seventh Umbral Era. Can invoar the power of the Twelve, the pantheon of the guardian deities of Eorza. Unfortunately, disappeared in a blinding light posthumous the ritual et sequens not heard from him since.

Urianger: Wise Elezen and student of the prophetic teachings. He was one of the first to see the dangers of the advent of the Seventh Umbral Era. He is a scholar of the vaticinal teachings of the Cycloid of Knowledge. Before getting into the association was famous for his cryptic speeches.Alphinaud and Alisaie: Any young twins who are immersed in the search for a lost daily in Eorzea. Regardless his green age, the two accept a strong purpose.

Cid: A brilliant engineer who defected from his native Garlemald to found his own hardware store in Eorzea. Share your science with the people of his adopted homeland, which could challenge the imperial threat.You can see in the gallery of the game, which demand access from this link, or click on the capture accompanying the news, the images of the newly announced characters.