Goa Honeymoon Packages And Popular Tourist Attractions

Popularly known comme il faut the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Goa is located on west coast of India once used to a Portuguese colony. It is one of the sought after tourist destinations with its exotic picturesque sea beaches, churches, temples, lakes, waterfalls. Goa also has a vibrant nightlife that adds to its charm. Given below are some of the popular vacationist attractions included in Goa honeymoon packages.

Places of Interest

1. Fort Aguada – Built in 1612 Fort Aguada was constructed to prevent old hat Goa from enemy attacks. 22kms away from Berdez the Fort has the first continually lighthouse in Asia. There are some interesting ammunition rooms and barracks inside the fort.

2. Anjuna Beach – Located 16kms from Berdez Anjuna beach is famed for its nightlife offering some amazing discotheques, pubs and nighclubs. Christmas and New Year are the festivals glorious here amidst much pomp and grandeur. It has a rocky beach with boulders all over offering harlequinade sports like parasailing, yachting and windsurfing.

3. Baga Beach – Baga beach lies between Candolim beach and the Calangute beach. It is smaller and cleaner than the further sea beaches in Goa and a favorite place of the foreign tourists. There are exuberant of shacks across the beach offering some great music along with mouth watering Goan delicacies. Visitors can satisfying here Chinook Surfing between January and March.

4. Calangute – 17kms from Berdez is located Calangute beach the first beach to inculcate the Bohemian culture in the 60’s and 70’s. The hippies made their way out slowly as the mainstream tourists started flocking to Goa. Apart from offering some great adventure sports activities this beach is also famous for rave parties.

5. Basilica De Bom Jesus – One of the most popular tourist attractions this church was constructed in 1605 and preserves the tomb and mortal remains of St Francis Xavier considered by the Catholics as one of the patron saints of Goa. It is surprising that the body is still in very good condition even after 400 years. It is taken out for following viewing once in equally decade. It was last taken out for sport in 2004. The Basilica has Portuguese style architecture.

6. Patrimonial Goa Museum/ Big Foot – Located 10kms from Margao is the Patrimonial Goa Museum also popularly known as Big Foot. It is an alfresco museum-cum-parkland spread also an area from 9 acres. The large life size statues and structures depicting culture and tradition of 200 years old rural Goa are worth seeing.

7. Chapora Fort – Located at a distance of 12kms from Goa is the Chapora Fort which is handily reachable from Vagator over the hill leading to the fort. The Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was also shot at this place.

Hence we vessel conclude that visiting the above mentioned sightseeing places will be an enjoyable and delightful experience for honeymooners.

What’s a QR Code?

Never heard of a QR Code? Or maybe you have nonetheless you don’t fairly associate how to use them. For suppliers and customers alike they tin provide natural benefits. First off, what is a QR code?

QR is short for Quick Reponse and it’s a matrix barcode which has been widely accepted in Japan for many years. They started originally in the car industry. The phonetic alphabet is shown as a collection of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. They are used to confiscate a piece of information from a transitory media et al put it in to your mobile phone. Today, QR codes are used in a wide range of applications from ticketing to product labelling.

The main reason they comprise now become mainstream is because of the increased adoption of smartphones. Marketers are now putting QR codes on their products and packaging. Consumers then download QR scanner apps to their mobile phones in order to scan these codes. A common way for marketers to us a QR code is to display it in a magazine advertisement or on al fresco media such as posters or buses. Another common application is on business cards.

The code generally contains a url link to concrete product information or the company’s website. It’s a very versatile offering from a promotional point regarding view. The repertory of applications is endless really. You can stick a QR code on a sliver of fruit for example to provide nutritional information. It may give you details about a particular product or business. Or on condition that was on a t-shirt if could give you details about the person wearing that t-shirt (good applications are possible with pop stars for example). Other example links shrub be to a movie trailer or to get a forget coupon.

This whole cook has been referred to as “hardlinking” i.e. linking the physical to the fundamental world. QR codes can be used in most mobile devices. Many Android, Nokia, Blackberry handsets come with QR code readers formerly installed. QR Codes can also provide benefits from a search marketing point of view. For example the code container be placed in business listings directories. If you add the code to your website, Google spunk see that your pages have changed, and that you are updating pages. They will then index accordingly. New content is eer beneficial from an SEO point of view.

A QR code can be produced from a site such as Kaywa. Alternatively, if you have your own developer, you can use the undo source code.

The poor situation of lady boys

Along with the fervid showing of Chinese movie “Lost in Thailand”, lady boys become the hot topic again in China. Multiplicity net friends are curious about the life of lady boys. Alot questions need to answer. Such as what is real gender of the lady boy, can they get marry, why do they are willing to change their gender? I hope this article will give you some answers.

It said that in Thailand, about 90% of the beautiful girls are lady boys. These lady boys are full of the shops and streets. You can’t distinguish the real women and dame boys unless you look them very closely. Most tourists said the lady boys are more beautiful than the real women, nevertheless you never know the Harish behind their beauty.

Earning rocks is the main reason for men to choose to voltooien a woman boy, so most of the lady boys are come from the poor family. After they make this choice, they will find to be a perfect lady boy is too difficult, they must endure the great pains from body and mental, besides, making money is not very easy to a lady boy. They relayed on the hormone pills to keep their girl’s looks and figure, and that against to the nature development rates. So, they get old soon, 17-20 years old is their best age. After this age, their masculinity will come very clear, with their girls’ behaviors; they will voltooien very ugly and be hated by their family. That is why the lady boy pageant provisions that all the competitor shall not be more than twenty years old. Only 10% of men in Thailand choose to be wife boys because like gender identity. According to the Thailand law, lady boys are still men, but in the ordinary zest they are treaded ut supra women.

Though in Thailand, lady boys are not discriminated by others; in the street you can see lady boys selling cheap sketchbooks and cheap scrapbook albums to the passerby; in the school, you can see lady boys dancing with gaudy pom poms. But to be success and earn lot money is more difficult than the conventional people. Only infrequent lady boys can be as great as the star in the feat groups. Most of them are working very hard to support their poor family ampersand prepared for their old interim (most gentlewoman whipping boy will die at the age 40). The unknown actress in the work group has a poor salary, throughout 5 baht per month (about $ 1.00). In Bangkok, living with this salary is very difficult. They have to face up with the hard life and have no chance to have a naturalistic romance. When they are older, no people want to see their performance, some of them will beg in the street, and most of them will enter into the eroticism line.

Many people are curious about their love story, as we taught that love is the only thing has no qualify in this world. However, only 1% of demoiselle boys have love experience, but at present, none of them marry to happy. Even though, they are so lucky to meet someone don’t mind their identity, their unrequited will meet many hitch that ordinary people can’t image. Among the surgery, they can have female organs, they are real man in the mind, polysyndeton their mode concerning thinking is male, I believe no one will accept to marry a man as wifely except guy.
After reading this article, you may know more things about ingenue boy, I hope we can respect them, don’t treat them as dolls.

Backup the most wonderful film

Iron Man is one of the most wonderful movies in 2008,since it is released,it has got very alpine honor. It has received a remarkably high box office and won overwhelmingly positive praise from all critics and audience. In 2008, the “Iron Man” , Robert downey Jr. in packaging technology and the new life in the clearing of CG. This is the last time we saw Winston construct “body beauty perfect combination with mechanical principle of” the image regarding art. “Iron Man” [2] is a 2008 American achievement film, adapted from the Marvel Comics (Marvel Comics) in science fiction marvelous hero, directed by Jon favreau, Robert downey Jr. and starring gwyneth *, plus others. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and China are the premiere on April 30, 2008, on May 3, was released in the United States. Sequence “iron man 2” in 2010, officially released on Hawthorn 3, 125 million yuan at the box office, while the third set of “iron man 3” Ware time is on May 1, 2013. As of May 27, 2013, accumulative universality sales of 1.142 billion dollars, the fifth global box office history.
In this film Tony stark (Robert downey jr) will decussation the challenge of a board for infinite power. Face life had bot destroyed, there is no way to retreat, stark should rely on their excellent high-tech equipment and wisdom, to screen ourselves and those closest, at the same time find exterior the real culprits behind the scenes. When he eventually positive Nemesis, ready to give a fatal blow, has eternal been plagued stark – what is the problem of armor made him, or he has created this tabard – have the answer.
Iron Man is a Marvel cartoon series of strong action. Story master Tony stark (Robert downey jr) was born in a wealthy category in New York, food from small dress foot all that he did not like dude as know only pleasure. Born wise stark is a surprisingly genius, 17 years old, graduated from specialty of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts institute of technology, moreover successfully along proud found his social position, the family beeswax “stark arms companies” fresh boss. Parents died instead more inspired Tony career motivation. 21 years old when he began to hold tens of billions of property, gradually conventional a harsh company equal the first arms suppliers is strong. Still Tony’s arrogant personality, and to achieve their goals by hook oppositely along crook practices often find a lot of annoyance for yourself. Well, he has a smart, sexy female assistant Virginia, potts (gwyneth paltrow) always takes good care from yourself and help.
Mere before long a kidnapping revolutionized the Tony stark’s life. When Tony led a group and the border of the military observers in the desolate test under his latest research results, only to encounter a group like extremely fierce, the terrorist attack. In the end, the flutter was hit by shrapnel in the heart of Tony woke up, found a strange chest more devices, it is the instrument to maintain the life concerning their own. Turned out to be a British university with a piece of the car upon the captive electromagnet to absorb the shrapnel in his body, saved the life of Tony stark, of course, save his terrorist nature is not only to simply take the weapon design expert, but have longed for its name intentionally. Start a carrot and stick, terrorists, interrogate Tony dreary create was more puissant weapons for them. Men do not retreat, slick stark will not lay down and die. So, in Britain’s help, he used the terrorists with coarse gear and raw materials, in the dark, in underground bases in the monitor regarding the terrorists, made for yourself a fusion energy alive and driven by liquefying energy steel armor, strong ability in combat. Among bankruptsrobbers battled terrorists, Britain and Dr. Grim buy time died, but it is a escape of Tony changed his arms is made to save the world

It is relly a fantastic movie and I imagine it is advance viewed in artificial with iMax. But if you missed it, you would adore to collect its DVD and enjoy this tremendous movie at home. today i can recommend a software – WonderFox DVD Video Converter, which is a constructive tool for people who have a large collection of DVDs and want to backup them on hard drive and convert them to other video formats.
If you want to rip et cetera spare DVD Iron Man after you get one, the very first item you need to conquer is to spot a helpful DVD ripper and converter. Here we introduce you a beneficent solution to do it – WonderFox DVD Video Converter, which is a powerful video converting program that can help you rip Iron Buck to your hard drive negligent of any DVD encryption embedded in DVD Iron Man and enables you to convert DVD files to any video format you need. With this professional notice you can better watch it on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy series and different convenient devices. Then we will teach you how to backup DVD Ferrous Man step by step.
Here are only trinary steps i can offer to you :
Step 1 Import DVD
Download and launch DVD Video Converter, the main interface will pop up. Click “Load DVD” to import DVD you insert. It will analyze DVD info and detect the right title of DVD automatically.
Step 2 Rare Format
Choose output pattern or device you want. 100+ video formats are available for you. And thereupon Specify output folder. Adjust other settings if need.
Advance 3 Start Conversion
After all have been done, press “Run” button to start ripping the encrypted DVD Gravity to your hard drive. Then you can play and share your DVD video effortlessly.

Digital Cinema Initiatives

In the old days, self distribution got a blemished wrap. Before DVD and the wonders of the digital age, if people wanted to self distribute, they had to haul heavy film prints from city to city all over the country. These pioneers would negotiate profit share deals with theater owners, rent exterior theaters, promote their movie and sell tickets to anyone willing to fill the seats. If the movie created a buzz, the film made money. But often, many of these movies died in quiet obscurity. Because the process was a huge risk, with a high failure rate, the whole practice of theatrical self distribution was regarded as a desperation play.


That was then… This is now.


These days, movie distribution is changing. In a few years, you’ll sit down at your television and everything will be video on demand. As a filmmaker, receptacle you imagine shooting a show in High Definition, editing it on your computer, and once finished, uploading your content to an online based hosting site linked to people’s televisions all over the world? People in Japan, interested in your movie could push a button, pay a small payment and enjoy your work in the privacy concerning their living room. In return, you get a paycheck.


This, my filmmaking friends is the future. The opportunities remittable to independent filmmakers will soon become fruitful in ways Hollywood has never experienced. The traditional Motion Picture Studio shape that involves physical Film Prints and DVD sales concluded retail outlets and video rental stores is eroding. Just image the economical demise of record shops, children in our lifetime will never know what it’s like to peruse the isles of a video rental store.


This technology offers filmmakers an immense opportunity to not only make movies – but with a couple clicks of a mouse, we can now range a global audience – well, sort of. Unfortunately there are still a few limitations to our global reach. Services like CreateSpace allow filmmakers to market their movie via Video On Demand and DVD in the Amazon marketplace. But a less things still hunger improvement, including sales reporting and as well as a filmmakers ability to upload a trailer to the site. Still, all of this aside, the tremendous upside to CreateSpace is having your movie featured in the Amazon Marketplace while carrying NO inventory. When population buy or rent your movie, all you gotta do is collect the cash.


In a more-perfect world from Independent Film Distribution, iTunes would follow CreateSpace and allow all indie filmmakers to upload their work. However, at the time of writing, getting your finished feature film inside iTunes is still a pain in the butt. With few exceptions, the company seems to favor traditional distributors over the indie producer. Quite if you one day dream of having your movie viewed on someone’s iPhone, you’ll still have to find a middle-man and ask permission.


Hopefully by the time you read this article, there will be unruffled greater distribution networks available to indie filmmakers. But regardless, although your genre or story line, it’s nobleness to know that you no longer have to ask elective to find your audience.

Your unique design and style can make it quite different and popular

This year’s FIFA World Pot is actually scheduled that occurs involving 11 06 as well as 11 Come july 1st 2010 in South Africa. And this is precisely what almost all football followers across the world hold been waiting for. Have you been a huge sports supporter by meaning can you enjoy the present video games?Obviously, the particular exceptionally massive Tv is the greatest option. Nonetheless, it’s not the truth for the people who require additional work or perhaps vacation about organization. They may decide to objective movie, however it can never always voltooien as amazing because watching the particular stay present. Proximal eminence Televisie mobiles seem essential. A number of large display Tv set telephones forces you to take pleasure in the World Mug extremity more pleasantly.

It arrives with built-in cell Tv put component. You can view Tv set packages with the Three.Seven inch monitor as you grow the aerial. Obviously, it might not be a horrible option for observing World Glass. Furthermore, it doesn’t only support mobile Television set function, but in addition incorporates outstanding computer hardware designs.It can be involving touch-sensitive et sequens straight board design. The entire design comes with a feeling of ease. The real dark system appears quite collateral and also large. The actual red range layout around the back again facet helps it be some type of popular. The particular display is a spotlight beside the style. The three.Several in . WVGA AMOLED display system you fantastic present.

The 5000,1000 pixel photographic camera can be magnificent. We realize Check out the I8180C uses your Home windows Mobile6.Your five. The next party software program means have become satisfactory. The actual 800MHz model provides you with an easy procedure speed.The particular component Navigation along with Wi-Fi can also be supported. This becomes to become more choice phone. In addition, it’s got 8GB built-in recollection. There is not any likelihood for the consumers in order to make a disease the persnickety saving-space.

As being a masterwork of Motrola this season, alongside the exception of helping CMMB, the actual OPhone cannot always raken searched straight down in design and style and performance. It can opheffen regarding uneven layout in look. Your unique design und so weiter style can make it quite different and popular.It really is impressive for that black the front aspect and crimson back part. The three.Several ” WVGA screen echos the certainty nature involving display. The 5,500,1000 pixel digital camera can be involving mainstream normal.Talkabout MT710 is often a cell phone using OMS operation technique. Application support is also much good. It props up TD network involving China Portable. Additionally, it supports Wi-Fi along with Gps device.

One year in the past, it could be figment to talk about watching Entire world Vitreous stop mobiles. Nevertheless, it’s hardly more the joke, but an actual and also beneficial request in our life. Presently, the actual cellular Tv set has not bot broadly accepted from the National and The european union delicatessen place. Nonetheless, there are many plus mire more companies begin to obtainment into the free portable TV industry.Within Apr there are 12 U . s . Television channel providers such as Gary Fox, NBC as well as Gannett integrating broadcasting and TV rate of recurrence range completely by common endeavors transmission Television posit plans pertaining to 2.20 thousand inhabitants. The portable Boob Tube technological innovation will afsluiting more moreover more popular in the marketplace.

Tracy originates from chinazrh, a fantastic cina from suppliers consumer electronics dealer, which serves the paramount wholesale gadgets like the Tv set Mobile Phones. Thanks for visiting discover more specifications in regards to the at wholesale prices Cell phones you longing and encouraged your current important suggestions.

Hewlett Packard – The World’s Largest Technology Company

HP was founded in 1939 by two Stanford University graduate engineers named Bill Hewlett et sequens Dave Packard. The company’s foremost product was an electronic test equipment that was used by sound engineers. One of their first customers was Walt Disney Studios that purchased eight oscillators that helped in show of the movie Fantasia. The company was also responsible for having person of the world’s first desktop scientific calculators. Today their headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, but distributes around the world in the following sectors; government, health and education.

HP specializes in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, including networking hardware, designing software and delivering services. Their extensive goods lines include personal computing devices, enterprise and industry test servers, moreover correlative devices, networking hardware, designing software plus deliver services. HP targets different markets its products from households, small-to medium-sized business and enterprises directly as ter online distribution, consumer-electronics and office-supply retailers, software eegas and major technology vendors. The company is very torrid about analysis by driving technology to commercialization in the areas that are most important to their customers and society, not to work on technology for technology’s sake.

In 1966 the company combined three existing facilities, the Electronics Research Lab, the Physical Electronic Lab and the Solid State Lab to for HP Labs. The lab held nearly 200 scientists to develop furthermore come up with new innovations. The scientists worked in areas of solid commonwealth physics, physical electronics, and medical and chemical electronic instruments. In that lab, the scientists were able to come up alongside the first world size calculator in 1972, called the HP-35. The calculator was named after having 35 keys. In the 1980s and 1990s the company was good to develop technologies such as inkjet printers and reduced instruction-set computing (RISC) and was able to live the in fields such as digital photography and commercial digital printing. Meanwhile these two decades, the company was clever to expand globally; in 1983 the company opened in Bristol, UK; in 1984 in Haifa, Israel; in 1990 in Bangalore, India; and in 2002, in Beijing, China. In 2002 HP was able to create the technology for the first rewritable DVD system (DVD+RW) compatible with standard DVD players. One from their latest milestone accomplishments for the company was teaming up with Dream Works to contribute sire the animated fairy tale “Shrek 2.” HP used animated shot called “The Painter” was the head film produced that shopworn lab experimental utility-services solutions in 2005.

Why Muay Thai Kickboxing is Gaining Popularity Worldwide

If you are a fan of mixture bellicose arts or MMA, you would have noticed that muay thai kickboxing fighters are very prolific in their kicks and punches to the status of devastating their opponents often in just a single round. The martial arts world has taken notice of this hostile art form from South East Asia especially in Thailand where it is a national sport and thousands of people are taking up the sport every day all over the world.

This martial art plastic started out as a self defense practice in bygone villages of Thailand, Burma and Laos where villagers trained to protect themselves against marauding bandits and robbers. It was later adopted by the Thai military of various dynasties in training its soldiers for unarmed combat. Today, it has evolved toward a very popular sport that has spread throughout the world.

In the old days, practitioners of Muay Thai faced detrimental injuries and even death as the fighters practiced without protection gear ampersand proper gloves. They only have a piece of cloth wrapped tightly around their fists to protect them from lacerations. As humanity progresses between the years, safety gears were made compulsory in Muay Thai fights to provide expanded protection to the fighters and competitors.

In the modern world, the sport is being practiced in the far flung regions of Russia to the United States and unruffled in the Arabian peninsular. It is now considered as an international sport which Thailand is very proud of being its heritage.

There are a large number about television networks that broadcast Thai Muay and MMA fights with Muay Thai exponents on a pay per view basis. Live matches are also being organized on a regular basis in many countries. Muay Thai fighters are also constantly pitted against other martial arts exponents in mma bouts such as exponents of Karate, Kapap, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do amongst others.

Subject to the occasional variations, bouts are usually fought in 5 three minute rounds with a two minute interval continuum in between. All fights are preceded by a common pas by the fighters as a configure of respect to their teachers and as a form of warm up as well. This prom adds color and excitement to the matches.

All exponents wear armbands and headbands when competing. The headbands are all blessed by Buddhist monks or by the fighter’s teachers which is supposed to bestow goodwill luck on the ones wearing them. The bands are also a derivation of inspiration and spiritual pride.

During the match itself, a traditional band will play music according to the pace of the fight. The music will be fast and mad if that part of the bout is also fast and furious and vice versa. This is like watching a movie when the background music also matches the scenes of the movie.

However, if you do intend to take up Muay Thai, do be warned that the training is very intensive and should you want to fight at a competitive level, the matches can be very grueling et cetera brutal. Perhaps is could be the reason and the allure why the sport is so popular these days.

Stoppages in your heavenly trip to Kashmir

Situated at the Northern tip of the country’s map, Jammu and Kashmir is the most beautiful state in India, in provisions of scenic beauty. People who allow once been there have whole-heartedly agreed on the historic words that Mughal emperor Jahangir had uttered describing the beauty of Kashmir. He had said protasis there is paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here. Kashmir is a place where one can feel the godliness touch of Mother Nature at every footstep. The beauty of some places is absolutely indescribable and makes people feel like roaming on the heaven’s arena. It seems God has created these places with his own hands and utmost care. If you are yet to step on the paradise on earth, then make a ‘heavenly’ trip today. Allay out different Kashmir travel packages and choose one that covers all the prime spots. For that first you need to fathom about the most beautiful places in Kashmir. Here are details of top 10 places in Kashmir that captivate travelers the most for their breathtaking scenic beauty.

Dal Lake: Located in Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, the Dal Lake is absolutely stunning. Likeness of the mountains surrounding the water body on the lake’s clear transparency water simply adds to the charm. The biggest attractions about Dal Lake are enjoying accommodation on a houseboat and exploring the lake on a shikara (local boat). The Dal Lake offers an absolutely breathtaking view of the ranges and peaks.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden: Situated in Chasmashahi, Srinagar, the Indira Gandhi Commemoration Tulip Garden is Asia’s largest. Spread over an arena from 12 hectares on the foot of Zabarwan Hills, the garden offers a stunning color riots with tulips of different colors blooming all over. The garden also offers a imposing view like the nearby Dal Lake.

Gulmarg Gondola: How about making an aerial travel over a huge landmass covered with ice? That’s what you would be enjoying at the Gulmarg Gondola. It’s a cable car ride over the snow-covered Gulmarg Valley. The cable car would take you from the Gulmarg Resort to the Kongdoori Station on first stage and from there to the Kongdoori Mountain. The beauty of Nature that you devise experience from the cable car is simply breathtaking.

Shalimar Bagh Mughal Gardens: Designed on the well-known Charbagh style, the Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar is one of the largest and beautiful gardens that date back to the Mughal era. The plant offers absolute serenity and of course a stunning view from the surroundings.

Pahelgaon: Set on the round of breathtaking valley offering grand view like the niveous capped peaks, Pahalgaon is certainly on the biggest highlights of Kashmir tourism. It’s a hill station and a small bourg blessed heavily by Mother Nature.

Sonmarg: Situated in the Ganderbal district, Sonmarg is another hill station from where one can hedonic stunning view of the Kalhoi and Machoi glaciers. Tent staying on the serene valley is something you should opt for.

Thajiwas Glacier: At a short distance of 7 kilometers from Sonmarg Valley, Thajiwas Glacier is another beautiful spot. People go for trekking tours to the glacier from the valley and own awesome scenic beauty.

Other than these there are ternion gorgeous spots including bigeminal golf courses where scenic beauty is at its best. Sonmarg Golf Course and Pahelgaon Golf Course are set beautifully on the gully slopes and the undulating green landscapes are simply mesmerizing. Situated enclose to Pahelgaon in Anantnag, the Betab Valley, which was named after jab Bollywood Movie Betab, is additional stunning spot.

So formula your trip and choose one from Kashmir holiday packages at WAH Holidays. The superordinate time to visit Kashmir would be in between March and October

Hunks Against Junk

Junk In Water and Air

Celebrities we all discriminate and love are jumping on the green bandwagon these days. Leonardo DiCaprio recently produced and narrated “11th Hour”, an eco documentary. He will also produce “Eco-Town,” a 13-part reality series documenting the verdancy rebuilding of a Kansas municipal smashed by a tornado. For Josh Hartnett, Global Cool, an organization getting 1 billion people to reduce their carbon footprints. Adrian Greniers’ television program, Alter Eco, on Planet Green channel advises small changes for greener lives. He plus hosted the Charity: WATER ball to raise money to dig wells for safer drinking water in Africa. Estimable work, guys.

From China, With Love (Not)

The production of Shanghai, a new movie starring John Cusack, has been shanghaied itself. China, the films location, denied the shooting permission debt to concerns about the script. Suggested changes apparently were neither acceptable to the crew who relocated the sprig to nearby Thailand. The film will also outline Asian stars Eats Yun-fat (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), and the Chinese actress Gong Li (Hannibal Rising, Memoirs of a Geisha), along with Ken Watanabe (Letters from Iwo Jima). The dramatic film follows an American who returns to1940s corrupt, Japanese-occupied Shanghai to investigate a friends’ murder. Stay tuned.

Mom Helps Moms

Ethiopian supermodel and mother Liya Kebede has a foundation that trains Ethiopian midwives to provide healthcare for mothers and children. She spoke at the commence of the Adolescent Girls Initiative which empowers adolescent girls to help them access equal opportunities. She also encourages girls to delay marriage and pregnancies. Many Ethiopian women under age 20 have pregnancy complications and high babe mortality rates. Kebede also works with the HIV-Free Generation, an organization that provides HIV/AIDS awareness and its impact on maternal besides newborn mortality.

NEWS Concerning YOU

Ever wonder what fellow teens are considering for professions? USA Today surveyed career field choices of American high school students and came ascend with no surprises! Information technology (IT) ranked as the number one career goal (25%). Sixteen percent of teens are looking into business/management , including fifteen percent aim for careers in the field of health care.

Working in tuition came in at ten percent for fourth place. Looks like Computer jobs are the most popular with high teach students. Good fortune to all.

Chicago area teens displayed their artwork at a unique venue: OHare International Airport. After School Matters, a non-profit partnership with Chicago area schools, places teens with artists of Chihuly Studios of internationally-celebrated glass artist, Dale Chihuly. The teen apprentices gain valuable skills . These can open doors for business opportunities. The airport exhibit featured 4×4 squares concerning resin, painted and molded into organic shapes, hung supereminent and horizontally to reflect light from walls of glass besides soaring ceilings. The effect created a fantasy-feeling that rested and refreshed tired travellers.

Cigarettes? A Pack of Lies

Every year, tobacco use kills vault 440,000 Americans’ the equivalent of three 747s crashing every day with no survivors. The 62-cents-a-pack jump choice probably affect the number of teen smokers, who are the most price-sensitive. When NY state previously raised its tobacco tax, teenage smoking went down there, but states with lower tobacco taxes showed no reduction. With done 3,000 teenagers becoming daily cigarette smokers every day, if rates stay as they are, over 6.4 million teens alive today will die of smoking-related diseases. Since cigarettes price is going up, smart teens think now might be time to just quit, for good.